Cloud Computing Benefits your Business: 7 reasons to move to the cloud

03 Jan 2013
by meagancleary
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Cloud Computing is the right choice for your business’ IT needs. Here’s why:

1. You have aging IT equipment.

Not long ago the state of Kansas was unable to process requests at DMV offices statewide for several days. The reason? Their eight year old servers had finally crashed. If they had moved to the cloud they would have avoided this costly downtime. Most cloud providers include hardware upgrades in the monthly cost.

2. There are seasonal swings in your business that affect your network capacity.

Retailers know this one only too well. The rush up to Christmas is crazy, and there is never enough capacity. But then it gets slow for several months after January 1. With cloud resources you can scale up and scale down as you need to, without carrying the cost of that capacity all year long.

3. Your business is growing rapidly.

That’s great! The cloud can grow with you, so you can easily add employees, locations or applications as you need them. Not only this, but instead of focusing on building out your IT infrastructure, you can focus on growing your business’ profits.

4. You are testing new geography or opening new locations.

With the cloud, all you need at that new location is an internet connection. This reduces the risk of expansion on the IT side considerably.

5. Some of your staff work mostly from home or on the road.

If your team travels a lot, or if you let them work from home, then the cloud offers a secure solution for working outside the traditional office. Internet access and the appropriate device is all they need.

6. You are looking for ways to free up cash for your business.

Your accountant will tell you that the cloud is an Opex, not a Capex. And that is a good thing. But not only that, the numbers are in and typically a cloud implementation costs at least 58% less.

7. Your business is a startup.

With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about investing in a lot of infrastructure. Use that cash to go directly towards sales and marketing, and all the other things a new business requires. Plus you will know that your IT is being done right.

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